5 minutes | Mar 4, 2022

Turning the Page with Well-Read Black Girl

Sharing a sneak preview of Pushkin's new show, Well-Read Black Girl. 

Glory Edim started the Well-Read Black Girl book club in 2015, and since then it's exploded into a passionate, worldwide reading community. She aims to amplify the voices of BIPOC writers and celebrate their literary achievements, using the power of conversation to help members connect and grow. 

On the Well-Read Black Girl podcast, Glory has deep, honest conversations with authors of color about the art, craft and power of the written word. You'll hear from luminaries like Tarana Burke, Gabrielle Union, Anita Hill, and more, about how they found their voices, honed their craft and navigated the world of publishing.

Listen to more episodes of Well-Read Black Girl at https://link.chtbl.com/slightchangewellread

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