68 minutes | Jan 11, 2022

Jewels: Dr. Joe Vitale is back!

This is a great show! Before I bring out the incredible Dr. Joe Vitale who has a new book and a NEW On-Line TV show, there is a message via a video that was delivered to me. It talks about our divine rights via common law that The UK and the US were founded upon. It's short but is really powerful that everyone needs to hear... We were created in the image of our creator and these trth are self evident. Therefore our government works for We, the People. This is not a political statement but one that was created by our founders. This is what this country was founded on and we must fully embrace it once again. This is the reason why we chose to be on earth together at this time. Somehow, we let our power erode and today it's more important than ever to bring the power back to We the people. It has some great insights as to how to react to everything that is going on.Then we talk to Dr. Joe Dispenza who is telling the world that it's just the flu. He is absolutely brilliant and a Godsend to each one who listens.
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