42 minutes | Jun 6, 2022

Whatever "In Love" Means

In 1981, the world watched as Prince Charles married the perfect royal bride: Lady Diana Spencer. Young, beautiful, and stylish, Diana breathed new life into the monarchy. But the fairytale didn’t last long. In the years that followed, Diana and Charles’s troubled marriage and bitter divorce was a constant in the tabloids, and Diana’s death in a car accident in 1997 shook the world. And through it all, Charles gained a reputation as an unfaithful husband to the “people’s princess” as he carried on an affair with friend Camilla Parker Bowles. But today, Camilla — once known as the notorious “other woman” — is poised to become Queen Consort when Charles takes the throne. It’s a reflection of the changes the monarchy has undergone in the aftermath of the Charles and Diana saga… and the fulfillment of Prince Charles’s decades-long quest to have the love of his life accepted by the royal establishment and the British public.

CORRECTION (June 8, 2022, 11:55a): In an earlier version of this episode, we stated that no one in Diana’s car survived. We have now corrected the error to state that Diana’s bodyguard survived.

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