0 minutes | Sep 6, 2012

Natural Ones Episode 24: Incredibly Inept

Many times during recording I get these stares from the party, these what the fuck are you talking about, doing, pointing at, during this last recording they gave me so many of these looks that their faces actually froze that way. I hear that it is exceptionally painful. So please, come laugh at their pain, in this new episode of Natural Ones! Like what you hear? Hate it? Hit us up atNaturalones[at]zombie-popcorn.comor follow us on twitter  @naturalonesdm OR (this is the last one I swear) Check for news, updates, contests and a secret hidden history of theNaturalOnes world blog at our new facebook page! Remember when I said that was the last one? I’m a liar, I regret that you had to find out this way. Check out Kevice Duskstrider’s History of Tarnzania and learn all the secrets of the Natural Ones World. [powerpress] [youtube id="6J28aNN_IiI" width="600" height="350"]  
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