0 minutes | Aug 24, 2012

Natural Ones Episode 22: We’re BAAAAAAACK!!

The mists on the hill all but cover up the sun, you grip your spear shaft nervously as the war horns sound. Everything goes silent for just a moment as a hush falls over the horde that you are just a faceless grunt in, and you know the thoughts that are flying through every soldier here's mind "Am i prepared to die for this war?" but those thoughts are banished from your mind as someone in the back of the group raises their sword and bellows a mighty battle roar. The only thoughts you have now are of survival, a base instinct meant only to defend your own life, You rush into the fray as the two armies clash against each other. the ringing of steel on steel and steel on bone and flesh fills the air, your spear does not fail you, it finds its mark in the throat of a onrushing barbarian, cutting him down, his blood filling his mouth in a silent scream. As you lift your leg to kick him off your spear point your lips purse in a thin grimace, the strange mix of despair over taking a life and the satisfaction that comes with the duty of a soldier. then your world becomes a wreck of pain, in a last moment of grim determination the barbarian on the end of your spear had stuck you with his sword, your chest begins to blossom blood as the life fades from his eyes and his dead weight pushes the blade just a little farther in, as you collapse on the battle filed, the corpses weight driving both weapons deeper into both of you, the last thought you think before everything goes black is "Damn you Natural Ones Podcast, damn you by whatever gods watching this slaughter field.." Like what you hear? Hate it? Hit us up atNaturalones[at]zombie-popcorn.comor follow us on twitter@naturalonesdm OR (this is the last one I swear) Check for news, updates, contests and a secret hidden history of the NaturalOnes world blog at our new facebook page! Remember when I said that was the last one? I’m a liar, I regret that you had to find out this way. Check out Kevice Duskstrider’s History of Tarnzania and learn all the secrets of the Natural Ones World. [powerpress]
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