22 minutes | Oct 29, 2020

Nix News: Embedded Linux Update

Today I’ll cover my major take-homes from a couple embedded Linux conferences that I (virtually) attended. Subjects: Let’s be positiveAll about embedded linuxBe prepared: Containers are coming! (Someone please make docker-lite for embedded!)Risc V is up and coming real soon nowLearn VSCode if you want a common IDE experienceDiversity thoughts – there’s a person behind the emailOpen Source maintainers ask for our patienceCheck out Virtual Conferences in 2020 Resources: https://www.raspbian.org/ – The Raspbian Linux Distributionhttps://www.yoctoproject.org/ – The Yocto Linux Projecthttps://www.docker.com/ – Yep, it’s coming to the embedded world. Time to learn it.https://theia-ide.org/ – An alternative that’s compatible to VSCodehttps://vscodium.com/ – VSCode without Microsoft’s proprietary brewhttps://open-vsx.org/ – Alternative extension store for Theia or VSCodium Special Thanks to: https://audionautix.com/ – Rockin’ zombie track
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