26 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

How UiPath is Cracking the Full Automation Code

“Everything that can be automated will be automated,” says Vargha Moayed, the Chief Strategy Officer of UiPath, as he talks to Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov about his vision for UiPath, and his perspectives on the future of Automation, in this latest episode of the Zinnov Podcast – Hyper Intelligent Automation series. Vargha gives us a glimpse of his three-decades-long career, from his first job all the way to his current role at UiPath. And post the success of UiPath’s IPO at the NYSE, he also shares his vision for the newly minted public company, as they scale even more over the next few years. Vargha goes on to explain the concept of Full Automation and how enterprises can leverage it to become fully automated enterprises, while also laying down the four fundamentals that enterprises need to be aware of while choosing an Automation partner. He also shares a book recommendation in the end, which left an impact on him.
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