21 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

Hidden Figures - The Leaders Behind Automation Technology ft. Chris Huff

In this episode of the Zinnov Podcast - Hyper Intelligent Automation series, Chris Huff, CSO, Kofax talks to Praveen Bhadada, Managing Partner, Zinnov about his journey of choices, micro-risks, technology, and leadership. Chris’ unique journey of being a Marine, a Management Consultant, and now a Chief Strategy Officer at Kofax, one of the leading automation players, has helped him continually reinvent himself, rethink leadership and be a part of space where he can influence the future of technology. Chris in this podcast shares his evolving leadership style and how it has enabled his journey. He talks about creating seamless employee-consumer relationships and restructuring business philosophies. “Leadership is something we cannot take for granted,” says Chris – as he talks about supporting the new workforce, increasing outreach, and reinforcing the importance of soft skills, such as curiosity and critical thinking, to overcome the challenges of the digital era. Tune in to this episode and know more about Chris and his magnificent journey as a Hidden Figure ‘The Leaders Behind Automation Technology’.
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