86 minutes | Jul 20th 2020

Celebrating the Mr. Griddle Gigs with Joey Seno

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Remember gigs and live events? I can only imagine what it must be like once we can have regular gigs again, but it's important to move forward and do it right. Like many things the pandemic has done, it has given people an opportunity to start again.


I interviewed Joey Seno, one of the people integral in the success of the Mr. Griddle gigs that started in 2019. It was a refreshing step in the right direction. I can only attest to joining a few of the gigs, but from what little I saw, it was special. The community propping each other up, the organizers genuinely in it for the music, and the music was some of the best I've heard in a local gig.


In this episode, we talked about bikes (of course I insert a bike discussion in there), tools new musicians should look into, the anatomy of the Mr. Griddle gigs, and this generation's music.


Enjoy the episode!







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