74 minutes | Jun 20, 2020

Episode 5: Interview with Nashville Metro Public Works

Jenn Harrman, the Nashville Public Works Waste Reduction Program Manager, answers our questions about what's recyclable in Nashville and where does it go?  Like many cities, Nashville has had to adapt to a changing markets for recyclables.  The rules for what plastics can be recycled have changed twice in the last year, causing some confusion.  Listen to this episode to get to the nitty gritty of how things work at our Materials Recovery Facility and how the private contractor, Waste Management, fits into the picture. We also discuss glass for home pickup and what the city is doing about the huge amounts beer bottles generated from Downtown Nashville Honky Tonks.  The legality of putting cardboard in your trash bin and how to bag your yard waste are also covered.  At the wrap up Michael asks the question: "Should we even be recycling plastics".
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