88 minutes | Apr 27, 2021

How To Take An Adult Gap Year w/ Brooke Thayer

How many times have you thought of quitting your job to travel the world?

Have you given thought to taking an adult gap year?

What is the biggest piece that is holding you back from it?

Brooke Thayer quit her six-figure job in San Francisco at the age of 34 to travel solo for one year, an adult gap year if you will. Brooke is sharing her adventures (especially during COVID), tips & tricks, and how you can make this a reality for yourself and your situation.

While this may seem like just a dream to many, it is possible, attainable, and, maybe, one of the best decisions you can make for your life and future. Learning and growing doesn't have to only happen while you are between four walls (ahem...cubicle). 

What were your thoughts on an adult gap year prior to this episode and how have they changed? Will you be planning an adult gap year for yourself soon? Share your thoughts by sending me an audio message.

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Tune In To Learn:
  • 12:25 Breaking Free From The 'Work Is Life' Culture
  • 16:10 What You Think You're Giving Up vs What You Actually Are Giving Up
  • 17:45 How Travel Changes You: From Planner to Winging-It
  • 27:45 Why You Should Be Allowing Yourself The Time
  • 31:05 Traveling During The Pandemic
  • 36:30 Making Hard Decisions So That You Can Travel
  • 46:10 What You Don't Like About Travel
  • 49:15 Thoughts On Solo Travel & Meeting New People
  • 52:30 What Lessons Can Be Learned During Solo Travel
  • 55:05 Resources Used During Travel + Tips & Tricks
  • 57:15 How To Take An Adult Gap Year
  • 01:02:25 Small Suitcase vs Backpack
  • 01:07:15 Highlights On Amazing Places To Visit
  • 01:11:10 How To Meet Locals As A Solo Traveler
  • And so much more
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