61 minutes | May 5, 2021

Episode 179: Diving into Arbitrum’s Optimistic Rollup

This week, Anna and James host Ed Felten and Steven Goldfeder, co-founders of Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup project born before the term "Optimistic Rollup" was even coined. Ed and Steven tell Arbitrum’s story, from its beginnings as a chain-agnostic university project in 2014 to become an Ethereum-based Optimistic L2 Rollup solution based on fraud proofs. They cover Arbitrum’s interactive fraud proofs, how they differ from other solutions like Optimism, and how Arbitrum and the Optimistic Rollup helps Ethereum scale. Here are some links for this episode: Inside Arbitrum, an accessible general explainer about what is the Arbitrum rollup Unwrapping Optimism with Ben and Mark, Zero Knowledge episode 177, the latest of our impromptu Ethereum L2 series. Zk-zk-rollup & zk.money with Zac and Joe from Aztec, Zero Knowledge episode 176 zkEVM & zkPorter with Matter Labs, Zero Knowledge episode 175 John Adler on Optimistic vs ZK Rollup and the data availability problem, Zero Knowledge episode 151 Why Sequencers are the Future - Mark Tyneway (Optimism), zkSessions from March 2021 Thanks to this episode’s sponsor, Aave Aave is an open source, decentralised non-custodial liquidity protocol on Ethereum. With Aave, users can participate as depositors meaning they provide liquidity to earn a passive income. or they can also act as borrowers to borrow in an overcollateralized way or undercollateralized way (think: one-block liquidity Flash Loan). Aave recently deployed a new market on Polygon’s sidechain to let users pay much lower gas fees. Assets can be transferred from Ethereum with the Polygon Bridge and put to use on Aave’s Polygon markets. Learn more about it here. So thanks again, Aave! If you like what we do: Follow us on Twitter - @zeroknowledgefm Join us on Telegram Catch us on Youtube Read up on the r/ZKPodcast subreddit Give us feedback! -https://forms.gle/iKMSrVtcAn6BByH6A Support our Gitcoin Grant Support us on the ZKPatreon Donate through coinbase.commerce Or directly here: ETH: 0xC0FFEE1B5083230a5154F55f253B6b6ae8F29B1a BTC: 1cafekGa3podM4fBxPSQc6RCEXQNTK8Zz ZEC: t1R2bujRF3Hzte9ALHpMJvY8t5kb9ut9SpQ
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