66 minutes | Sep 9th 2020

Episode 146: Catch up with Anna & Fredrik

In this week’s special episode, we flip the script and invite our friend Alexandra Heller to ask ZKPodcast co-hosts Anna & Fredrik some questions from the audience.. It’s a bit of a different format, so hope you will enjoy!

Here are a few of the episodes we mention:
-Chatting about consensus algorithms with Robert Habermeier
-Zooko talks Zcash on our 50th episode
-Sean Bowe on SNARKs, Trusted Setups & Elliptic Curve Cryptography
-A fireside chat with a couple Parity peeps
-Isogenies with Luca De Feo
-Statistical modeling of PoS systems with Tarun Chitra
-Introduction to ZKPs

And other podcasts we mention:
-Bikeshed: https://www.bikeshed.fm
-Distributed: https://distributed.blog/podcast/
-Extremities: https://anchor.fm/extremities
-Accidental Tech: https://atp.fm
-History of Rome: https://thehistoryofrome.typepad.com/
-Hardcore History: https://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/
-Epicenter: https://epicenter.tv/
-Uncommon Core: https://uncommoncore.co/

Thanks to this week’s sponsor Aleo

Aleo is the first platform for fully private applications. It uses blockchain and zero-knowledge cryptography to deliver a web experience that is both personal and private. With Aleo, developers can write private applications, without a background in blockchains or expertise in cryptography.

Aleo has released Developer Preview I, an early peek at what the future of the web will look like. The release introduces a new programming language called Leo, a new community-driven package manager for Leo, and a new development environment or IDE called Aleo Studio.

We recently had Howard Wu, a co-founder of Aleo, on the show for an interview - you can find that episode here. Learn more about Aleo at https://aleo.org/

Thanks again Aleo!

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