41 minutes | Feb 4th 2019

ZenTri 672 - Coach Tim Floyd and Magnolia Masters

Interview with Coach Tim Floyd. History of his swim camp and how it got started. How do you help pros and elites to get to the front pack of the swim? Many age groupers don’t know they aren’t swimming hard enough to improve. Lara Matthews. Patrick Brady. Tim pulls people out when their form starts falling apart. Matthew Purchase. How to qualify as a pro ITU bike pack dynamics. Differences in training ITU vs Ironman. Matthew used to coach Kai! Three great tips: 1. 100s on an interval are the killer app. 2. Could tell I did lots of pull buoy and that can lead to problems 3. Again, not enough time to drill separately from swimming. Then we went and he showed me a Flow App. Swim faster by being on top instead of total immersion. Adidas Ultra boost STs are keeping my feet from rolling in.
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