73 minutes | Jul 14, 2020

38 how to download your own guidance by shifting frequencies

What could change if we had daily access to an endless, stream of answers from our Higher-Self? Once our intuition becomes as strong as our guru’s intuition, we can “check their work,” which keeps us on-track and pushes them to greater leadership. Whether it’s a psychic, energy healer, astrologer, akashic records reader or anyone else that we perceive with higher authority than us, there’s no reason why we all can’t have the same level of intuitive access. The frequency of truth is not reserved for people in robes. When we’re tapped into the frequency of love or truth, we gain access to knowing that pervades all limitation.   On this episode, we dive into a LIVE “Downloading Guidance Session” where Zach demonstrates how to channel your own Higher Self by shifting frequencies. This one is for you, if you’re curious about… -How to Access Higher Knowledge on Your Own (Without Needing a Psychic, Healer, etc.) -How to Channel Your Higher Self By Shifting Frequencies -How to Include Friends into “Intuitive Downloads” Without Distortions -How to Sense Any Distortion Patterns That Are Blocking You From Accessing Highest Truth For more visit zachluz.com or email us at zach@zachluz.com
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