74 minutes | Sep 22, 2019

27 what it’s like to channel for 30 years with Ema

Ema was a seeker. One day at the bookstore, a channeling book tugged at her and instantly, she knew that’s what was next for her…a few workshops later, her channeling teacher called out sick and Ema was involuntarily thrust into teaching others the art of channeling. She surrendered, moved beyond her fears, and low and behold…it worked! Thirty years later, Ema has continued channeling cosmic consciousness through writing, speaking and being. She has followed her intuition no matter where its guided her and in the process has learned how to imbue cosmic resonance into everything she does. If you’re staring at the of stream of unity consciousness, wondering if you can jump in too, Ema will invite you right in. In this episode, we learn: -how to avoid becoming a professional “searcher” or modality junkie. -how to navigate spiritual awakening with a feminine approach -how to find your unique path leading you to your own unique brilliance -how to surrender when you feel like theres’ nothing left to give -how to handle periods of spiritual isolation -how to find belonging with life itself For show notes, zachluz.com
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