36 minutes | Oct 10th 2019

Season Two - Episode Two - Matt Ingrouille

Matt Ingrouille wants to see change in Saskatoon when it comes to drug and addiction issues, and he realizes the best way to bring about this change is at the grassroots level. It's one of the reasons why Matt, a Constable with the Saskatoon Police Service, started the non-profit organization, Say Know

Say Know is a drug education project that is doing incredible work raising drug and addiction awareness in Saskatoon. The Say Know website states its mission is, "to tackle the illicit drug trade through education. For far too long, our society has been fighting gate wrong end of the war. It's time to reduce the demand of drugs, rather than focusing, wasted efforts, on the supply."

Matt was kind enough to meet me in Riversdale on a hot July afternoon this past summer and we went talked about the current state of drugs and addictions while walking throughout the neighbourhood. 

Matt is articulate and passionate with his words. He also one of the most empathetic people I have ever met, and that comes through in the last half of this episode when we focus on why he started Say Know.

In no way does Matt hold back in this episode. We look at how crystal meth is destroying so many lives in Saskatoon and why it is the drug of choice for so many people. We discuss some of the innovative ways different organizations could work together to solve our drug and addiction issues, and Matt explains how is own personal challenges have fuelled his passion to bring change through Say Know.

I know you will learn a lot about what is happening in our core neighbourhoods here in Saskatoon in this episode. I also hope you will realize just how fortunate we are to have someone like Matt Ingrouille to help get our community out of this crisis. 

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