43 minutes | Nov 14th 2019

Season Two - Episode Three - Bayani Trinidad and Forrest Eaglespeaker

Spend five minutes with Bayani Trinidad and Forrest Eaglespeaker and several things become clear. One, they are passionate about their work. Two, they thrive on seeing people change and grow when it comes to their thoughts on Truth and Reconciliation. Three, they have way too much fun together!

Bayani and Forrest work for a non-profit organization called Canadian Roots Exchange. It was formed in 2008 as a way to bring indigenous and non-indigenous youth together to work towards Reconciliation. In 2016, the organization opened an office in Saskatoon, which is where you will find Bayani and Forrest, working hard in their office at Saskatoon's The Two Twenty.

The work Bayani and Forrest are doing when it comes to Truth and Reconciliation focuses on Saskatoon's youth. When I say youth, I mean mostly people who are university age. People who have learned about the horrors of Indian Residential School System in school and recognize the importance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and now want to learn more and be involved in making Reconciliation a reality in Canada.

In this episode, you will learn what Bayani and Forrest are doing with to help young people achieve these goals. You'll discover how they use education and leadership to empower youth, and you'll find out why they are so passionate about the work they do. 

What I love about Bayani and Forrest is they themselves are young people who have stepped into leadership roles in our community and are embracing the challenges that come with Truth and Reconciliation. As Forrest states in the podcast, "I think change starts on a personal level. You don't see entire societies and entire communities change all at once. You see it in individuals. In that aspect, I definitely see it happening. It makes me feel good because any change in the right direction should be celebrated and should be looked at as a huge success."

You're going to love Bayani and Forrest! They chemistry and passion is inspiring and the work they're doing in Saskatoon is really important. Plus, you'll get to hear an original song by Forrest...aka...The North Sound, at the end of the episode! How cool is that?!?!

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