48 minutes | Feb 12th 2020

Season Two - Episode Six - Beth Cote

Beth Cote shares a wonderful story at the end of this episode that illustrates the potential of a new downtown library in Saskatoon.

Now, I'm not saying you should skip to the end of the book (or podcast in this case) because there's plenty of good stuff in the first 43 minutes, but when you hear Beth's story of a conversation she has with a Halifax baker and the pride he had in his city's new library, you'll understand why her work means so much to her.

Beth Cote is the Director of Public Services for the Saskatoon Public Library. She oversees all the Library's frontline programming and ensures it connects with the organization's goals and vision.

She has also played an important role in the organization's efforts to secure funding for a new downtown branch that would replace the Frances Morrison Library, which was built in 1966.

I've been following the SPL's efforts to build a new downtown branch for months and wanted to know more about the role the Frances Morrison Library plays in our community. I feel very lucky to have met Beth because her passion for libraries and community is really inspiring, and her ability to clearly articulate a vision of what a downtown library should be is impressive. I left our conversation so darned excited for what this new space will be!

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CORRECTION: In the first part of our conversation, Beth says that research shows kids need to have 10,000 books read to them to build the skills to be ready to learn to read. She messaged me a few days later that the number is actually 1,000. That's about one book a day for the first three years of life.