37 minutes | Dec 12th 2019

Season Two - Episode Four - Julia Holliday-Scott

Begin a conversation with Julia Holliday-Scott and you'll quickly notice a few things: She is always looking to help people who need it the most, which makes her a perfect fit as Support Services Coordinator for AIDS Saskatoon. She is also very articulate and can raise several compelling arguments and opinions in the span of a few seconds. She definitely kept me on my toes during our conversation at the new headquarters for AIDS Saskatoon on 20th Street!

I wanted to learn more about the organization and specifically the Safe Consumption Site. Julia's came highly recommended by Jessica Fisher from OUT Saskatoon (who was featured in an earlier episode of YXE Underground) and it's easy to see why. Julia's passion for helping our city's most vulnerable is inspiring. Her work ethic and kindness make her well-suited to help those people who visit the drop-in centre at AIDS Saskatoon seeking advice and guidance. 

We cover a lot of ground in our conversation. Julia explains why our city needs a Safe Consumption Site and why it's a project she wanted to become involved in. She discusses her experiences as a frontline support worker and the impact it has on the community. Julia also opens up about the importance of self-care and why it's a necessary part of her life. 

I learned so much from Julia; not only about the importance of the Safe Consumption Site, but about how we are treating people in our community who desperately need supports. Julia doesn't seek any kind of spotlight for her work so I feel very lucky that she agreed to share her story and knowledge on the podcast!

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