38 minutes | Jan 9th 2020

Season Two - Episode Five - Global Gathering Place

There's nothing like a compelling story to prove a point. That is certainly the case in this episode of YXE Underground which focuses on the work being done at the Global Gathering Place in Saskatoon. 

The stories shared in this episode will make you realize the important work being done at the Global Gathering Place in helping newcomers and refugees settle into their new lives in our city.

Afton Tolley and Sol Barrones are the featured guests. I have known Afton for several years. She is the Program Coordinator and has been with the Global Gathering Place for 11 years. Afton has seen her organization adapt and grow as Saskatoon has become more diverse. She is also seeing more local businesses realize the potential when it comes to hiring newcomers. 

Sol was once a client of the Global Gathering Place. She and her family arrived from Mexico 10 years ago. A lawyer by trade, Sol attended classes at the Global Gathering Place to improve her English. She quickly fell in love with the sense of community present in the organization and eventually started volunteering. Sol is now the Life Skills Coordinator and works closely with government-supported refugees helping them navigate their first few months in Saskatoon. 

Both Sol and Afton share some very personal and meaningful stories in this episode that show the important role the Global Gathering Place serves in Saskatoon. What I also love about this episode is the voices of newcomers scattered throughout. Their stories are worth celebrating and might just make you want to volunteer at the next Coffee and Conversation

This episode of YXE Underground is sponsored by 13 Pies restaurant in downtown Saskatoon. If you're looking for an incredible slice of pizza and a great cocktail, be sure to pay 13 Pies a visit! A big thank you to Blair and Brad for their support of the podcast. 

This episode was an absolute blast to assemble. The stories will be stuck in your head for days (in a good way!) and the sounds will give you a sense of what life is like at the Global Gathering Place. 

Thank you for your continued support of a local, independent podcast!