8 minutes | Oct 1st 2020

Bonus Episode - Saskatoon Safe Consumption Site Opening

You don't forget a person like Julia Holliday-Scott. 

Julia is Director of Support Services at Prairie Harm Reduction (formerly AIDS Saskatoon). She is caring, passionate, and is able to articulate her thoughts in a way that makes you think, "yeah, I can get behind that!"

Julia first appeared on the podcast in December of 2019. That was when the safe consumption site was nearing completion. The issue of funding the site, however, was still up in the air. It remains so today

However, Julia and her Prairie Harm Reduction colleagues were not going to let a little thing like money get in the way of opening the only safe consumption site between Lethbridge and Thunder Bay. They rallied their community to raise enough money to open the site on October 1st...which is today!

I wanted to speak with Julia at the end of day one to see not only how the day went but how she felt about the doors finally opening. We sat down in her office and she went through not only how the first day went but also what this site means to her. 

I hope you enjoy our conversation and my thanks to Julia for staying late to speak with me. 

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