90 minutes | May 3, 2021

The Chicks vs. The Iraq War

Mike tells Sarah about an impending conflict, a dissident singer and America's first internet-enabled cancellation. Digressions include "Freedom Fries" and 1990s record company shenanigans. The co-hosts harmonize for the first time; Mike struggles not to call the Chicks by their former name. Content note: This episode includes misogynistic, racist and fatphobic language. Support us:Subscribe on PatreonDonate on PaypalBuy cute merchWhere else to find us: Sarah's other show, Why Are Dads Mike's other show, Maintenance PhaseLinks!The Chicks' "Ready to Run" videoKaren Pittelman's "Another Country"James Dickerson’s “Dixie Chicks: Down-Home and Backstage”Elites, Masses, and Media Too Famous to Protest: Far-Right Online Community Bonding Over Collective Desecration of Colin Kaepernick, Fame, and Celebrity ActivismBlacklists: The Dixie Chicks Controversy Chicks in the WildernessChicks In the Line of FireThe Dixie Chicks Were Cancelled For Criticizing The President. Now, They’re Heroes.We’re Changing The Way We Do Business: A Critical Analysis Of The Dixie Chicks And The Country Music IndustryThe Country Connection: Country Music, 9/11, and the War on TerrorismFree Expression After September 11th: An Online IndexFreedom Under Fire: Dissent in Post-9/11 AmericaExploring Iraq War News Coverage and a New Form of CensorshipThe LSE's analysis of the Freedom Fries controversyDestroying The Dixie Chicks – Ten Years AfterAOC’s Anti-FansRacial Profiling And The War On Terror: Changing Trends And PerspectivesMan Eats Dogs: The Hot Dog Stands of Chicago Support the show (http://patreon.com/yourewrongabout)
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