16 minutes | Dec 6th 2013

XMind Promo Goes Live, and Answering Questions – YMM #35

I'm happy to announce that the XMind Promo, where you can get 3 free bonuses from me, is up and running. When you buy XMind through my link, I'll throw in the bonuses at no extra cost. I'll also cover some questions from listeners (like how to deal with mind maps when they get too big) and I'll fill you in on the latest XMind Cheat Sheet videos. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ymm/YMM035-Updates-XMind-Promo-Live-and-Comments.mp3 Right click to download podcast In this episode you'll learn: Which is better: pretty or functional mind maps? 3 ways to deal with really big mind maps What's coming up in 2014 How to get your hands on the bonuses from my XMind Promo Other items mentioned in the podcast: XMind Promo (With Bonuses) goes live: https://visualproductivity.net/get-xmind/ Latest XMind Cheat Sheet Tutorials: I'm just finishing up the Mind Toolbox tutorials (Relationship, Boundary, Summary, Labels, Markers, Notes, Drill Down). They should be up by the weekend. yWriter – This is the program I use for writing books and for storing info on my computer. Here's a link to a blog post I did on it including a video tutorial. Get your copy of the XMind Cheat Sheet (It's free) If you're interested in productivity, you should definitely check out my XMind Cheat Sheet. It's a mind map (using XMind, which is also free) and it's crammed full of tutorials. Every tutorial has a YouTube video to go along with it, so you can choose the method of instruction. Other Listening Options: iTunes Stitcher Smartphone App (iOS and Android) YoureMakingMe.com – Podcast only YoureMakingMe.com – Full Feed (Podcast and 1-2  other posts/week)   Every podcast episode has a link setup to get you there quickly. The link to today's episode is: YoureMakingMe.com/Episode35/ Thanks for subscribing to Visual Productivity. I hope you enjoyed XMind Promo Goes Live, and Answering Questions – YMM #35. This blog is a success because of you and your support.
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