21 minutes | Jan 27th 2014

What Happened On The Way To My Flu Sniff – YMM #39

So, I took my family to get the flu shot a few weeks ago. You may be wondering what that has to do with you? Maybe nothing, but if you're interested in learning how to improve your results, why not stay for a while and give the podcast a listen. In this episode of the You're Making Me Podcast, I'll tell you a pretty good story (if I do say so myself), and go over some ways that my less than stellar experience, can help you to avoid the pain of being unprepared for a spike in demand. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ymm/YMM039-What-Happened-On-My-Way-To--A-Flu-Sniff.mp3 Right click to download podcast In this episode you'll learn: What's a flu sniff anyway? Why I think Pinterest could have helped my flu immunization 3 ways to avoid filling out forms by hand How a flu immunization can teach you about your own business / life Let me know what you think If you enjoy the podcast, I would appreciate your ratings as they help the podcast show up in more peoples lists. You can leave ratings (especially the 5 Star variety) in iTunes, or Stitcher and leave a comment while you're there. If you're rating is lower than that, drop me a line. Once I've stopped crying from the shock, I'll happily ready your comments. Other Listening Options: iTunes Stitcher Smartphone App (iOS and Android) YoureMakingMe.com – Podcast only YoureMakingMe.com – Full Feed (Podcast and 1-2  other posts/week) This podcast episode was originally published on YoureMakingMe.com. Image Credit:  nkzs Thanks for subscribing to Visual Productivity. I hope you enjoyed What Happened On The Way To My Flu Sniff – YMM #39. This blog is a success because of you and your support.
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