17 minutes | Sep 14th 2015

My Office Setup – YMM #51

http://traffic.libsyn.com/ymm/YMM051-My-Office-Setup.mp3 Preparing for my move to Abu Dhabi meant that I had to look at my entire office setup and figure out what was important enough to take, and what could be left behind. In reality, I could have shipped anything I needed over, but my goal was to have everything we were bringing fit into the the luggage our family of four would take on the plane. In a perfect world, there are a few more things I could have brought. On the other hand, there are also several other things I could have left. This episode of the You're Making Me Podcast covers what I chose to bring and what got left behind. I'm hoping my experiences will help you out the next time you're deciding what's mission critical on your next trip or move around the world. Right click to download podcast In this episode you'll learn: If I could only bring two things for my office setup, it would be these two. What I regret not bringing the most. Why I'm considering purchasing a portable hard drive Why I still have a 3 year old iPhone. What??? Other items mentioned in the podcast: Here's the selfie stick I mentioned that turns into a tripod. It's the IK Multimedia IP-IKLIP-GRIP-IN Grip 5-In-1 Photo/Video Stand Accessory for Smartphones. Seriously, that's the name. Here's my link on Amazon if you're interested. The Blue Yeti and my office setup – See how I have my audio system setup. I cover the microphone, the boom tripod, pop filter, and ear buds for monitoring the sound. I use the Edutidge lavalier microphone (EIS-003). Here's my video review Any feedback about my office setup? If you have a tip you'd like to share about travelling or moving in regards to equipment, technology, or your office setup in general, please feel free to join the conversation below. Listening Options Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Stitcher Radio (iOS and Android) Get the Podcast only RSS feed or the Full RSS Feed (Podcast and 1-2 posts/week). Right Click and “save file as” for direct downloading Or, click here to go to to top of this page to listen via the on-site player.   Image Credit: This podcast episode was originally published on YoureMakingMe.com. Thanks for subscribing to Visual Productivity. I hope you enjoyed My Office Setup – YMM #51. This blog is a success because of you and your support.
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