29 minutes | May 22nd 2014

Do you need to switch to a tablet? – YMM #43

http://traffic.libsyn.com/ymm/YMM043-Do-you-need-to-switch-to-a-tablet.mp3 Right click to download podcast Note: This episode was recorded before the Surface Pro 3 announcement, so I won't be mentioning it during this episode. I'm still happy with my observations, so I haven't added anything to what I've said. In this episode I'll go over my thoughts on laptops versus tablets. I've had the opportunity to play around with a lot of the newer tablets and I've made a decision as to whether it's time for me to leave my laptop and go with a tablet for my main machine. My current laptop works fine, but it doesn't have enough horsepower to edit 1080p videos effectively. That means I'm stuck producing 7 20p content for my YouTube channel. Part of my decision for a new device is based on portability, but my goal is to choose the most effective machine, that will meet all my needs. What went into my decision? I go over a lot of the deciding factors that I believe are important, and I talk candidly about what I like and what I don't like about the Surface Pro, iPad, Ultra Books, Net Books, and Laptops. I'll also explain why I'd rather have one main device than several that I switch back and forth on. What are you going to choose? If you're currently considering switching to a tablet or if you're just interested in how far tablets have come, I strongly recommend you listen to this podcast episode. Whether you agree with my final assessment or not, you can still listen to my list of requirements. You may have different requirements from what I have, so your final decision might be different than mine. In any case, it's good to think about several scenarios before making a decision. Other items mentioned in the podcast: Surface Pro 2 Review Word Lens App – Google just bought this app. If you're current with the You're Making Me podcast, it might still be free. It has in-app purchases that let you translate signs and pictures. Currently supports, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, and German.  (Only converts back and forth with English). Translation quality is a little spotty, but it's super fast. iStick – A USB flash drive that has a regular USB connector, as well as a lightening connector for iPhone, iPad. It's currently on Kickstarter (closing Mid-June 2014) Spread the word If you're enjoying my podcast, you can help me out by giving me a 5 Star rating in iTunes, or by sharing via social media, or by leaving a comment. Listening Options Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Stitcher Radio (iOS and Android) Get the Podcast only RSS feed or the Full RSS Feed (Podcast and 1-2 posts/week). Right Click and “save file as” for direct downloading Or, click here to go to to top of this page to listen via the on-site player.   This podcast episode was originally published on YoureMakingMe.com. https://visualproductivity.net/Episode43 Thanks for subscribing to Visual Productivity. I hope you enjoyed Do you need to switch to a tablet? – YMM #43. This blog is a success because of you and your support.
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