20 minutes | Mar 19th 2014

#1 Key to Success – Ignite a Burning Belief in Yourself – YMM #41

http://traffic.libsyn.com/ymm/YMM041-Ignite-a-burning-belief-in-yourself.mp3   In this episode of the You're Making Me Podcast we'll cover ways to stay excited about your goals by Igniting a burning belief in yourself. If you've read my book Diamonds and Silver, you might recognize it as the first lesson our hero learns. This week's Top X of a Topic is on the same topic. X=3 this week, which means I'll count down the three top ways to ignite a burning belief in yourself. Other than that, I've got some news to share, and a little bit of gossip. In this episode you'll learn: Why I want you to stop whispering, “I love you,” at work What it means to go Oliver Twist on something The balloon technique and how it applies to motivation, and why you should NEVER visualize RED balloons. I'll give you an example of an “Fake it 'till you make it” horror story. I'll also tell you why you should still fake it anyway. What I believe is the best motivator know to exist What pouring wine into a glass of vinegar can teach you about changes in your life Other items mentioned in the podcast: The current  XMind package – You get the Visual Productivity eBook,  the tutorial videos, and the companion workbook free if you get it via my link. 99 Red Balloons (With Lyrics) [YouTube] John Travolta Strutting [YouTube] – An example of how to walk with swagger (to Staying Alive by the Bee Gees). It still works. Diamonds and Silver [Amazon] – A link to my book. Ignite a Burning Belief  in yourself is the first lesson from the book. Listening Options Subscribe via iTunes Listen on Stitcher Radio (iOS and Android) Get the Podcast only RSS feed or the Full RSS Feed (Podcast and 1-2 posts/week). Right Click and “save file as” for direct downloading Or, click here to go to to top of this page to listen via the on-site player.   Image Credit: saveen   This podcast episode was originally published on YoureMakingMe.com. Thanks for subscribing to Visual Productivity. I hope you enjoyed #1 Key to Success – Ignite a Burning Belief in Yourself – YMM #41. This blog is a success because of you and your support.
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