81 minutes | Jan 11th 2017

Episode 013 with Jessamy Gee: How to Think in Colour

Have you ever been to a conference or watched a YouTube video of someone drawing on a whiteboard what the person is saying in a careful, curated way that tells the story in images? The organisation, The RSA, does a great job with their RSA Animates series. These artists are known as Graphic Recorders or Visual Practitioners. I've long loved these videos because I'm a visual learner and find that I remember things better when I can see them - as we'll discover in today's interview, it's how I remember names.

I first saw the work of Jessamy Gee from Think in Colour, when I volunteered for TEDxMelbourne, a few years ago. I was really inspired by what flow looked like in action. Jessamy was in her element; it was a beautiful thing to witness.

Our very own Admin Asset, Ness Phillips, recommended Jessamy as a guest and instantly I knew she'd make a great storyteller. She has wowed me with her insights into memory retention, education, social responsibility and how images can add incredible impact to someone speaking.

In today's interview, you will be educated and inspired by:

  • Why Jessamy is passionate about communication
  • How to be a professional listener who draws
  • Why Jessamy needed to pursue Purpose in her work
  • The journey of Jessamy's path to becoming a Graphic Recorder
  • And, why her worst boss provided the hardest learning curve but the best one
  • How to apply graphic recording for better memory retention
  • What Jessamy did to start her own business
  • Why it took a four year old to validate her as an artist
  • What graphic recording is and when it's best used and when it's not appropriate
  • How she overcame the fear of drawing in front of a room full of people
  • Why intention determines the outcome of a graphic recording well before the pen is picked up
  • How to be a graphic recorder and what the Six Golden Eggs of Graphic Recording are
  • What the process and product outcomes of using a graphic recorder are and how to get the best results from your chosen artist
  • The resources you need to become a graphic recorder and why, if you live in Perth, you need to pay attention
  • What Jessamy learned about social responsibility and how its something we all need to apply
  • And soooo much more!

Links to Jessamy and things we discuss:

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Blessed be, my friends!

“Unfortunately, we still live in a world where ‘neutral’ is white dude and everything else is a statement. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a world where we didn’t notice the fact that the engineer was a woman and the nurse is a man?”
Jessamy Gee

Episode Gratitude: Junel Estafia for sound engineering, compilation of the music and final editing of this episode. Your continued support and willingness to learn with me is inspiring, thank you! 

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