55 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

Trauma Study to Trauma Experience; Becoming a Widow in your 30's with Criminologist Dr Ashely Wellman

Thank you for joining me for another episode of YSiG. Today it is my honor to present my interview with Dr. Ashley Wellman.  She is a criminologist specializing in trauma/victimization. With 30+ academic publications about homicide and sexual assault survivors, she serves as a media expert/television commentator and as an advocate for families impacted by violence. After her own tragedy, she added author to the list, launching her own small business with the creation of her first children’s book, The Girl who Dances with Skeletons: My Friend Fresno. Above all, her greatest role is mother to her 6 year old, Reagan. Ashley and Reagan's book available now for preorder: www.myfriendfresno.com Follow her on social media (T, FB, and Insta) @MyfreindFresno Learn more about Ashley: www.ashleywellman.com And I can be found at natalieque.com, TikTok.com/@natalie.que, instagram.com/natalieque, and Youtube Affirmations & Meditation Co Thank you for sharing with someone who may benefit from hearing this episode
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