38 minutes | Nov 22, 2020

We Were Born for This - Sagittarius Season and The Moon and Strength Cards

Yes, we are still in intense times. And with the upcoming holidays and all of the Scorpio energy urging us to let go, let go and let go some more, we may be feeling kinda done. It's just in time then for Sagittarius season with the Sun and Mercury moving into this fire sign and help us remember our own inner light. Venus, however is moving into Scorpio and so we are still uncovering so much that is hidden. Our cards, especially the majors of the Moon and Strength cards, are guiding us through this time and all support Saturn's message of patience. We are still unspooling, so take really REALLY good care of yourself and be extra gentle. We are still on the wild ride. Know that we have the strength, we are capable, and that we were born for this.
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