35 minutes | Sep 19, 2021

Full Moon in Pisces, Fall/Spring Equinox: Becoming Fluent in the Language of Your Own Story

It's been quite a long spell since my last episode.  You may have noticed some changes.  Indeed things have shifted quite a bit.   I'm on a new show  hosting  journey.   As you listen to this episode, I  talk about  Monica being on hiatus so she can give  more support to her family members. During the first half of this episode I  discuss the astro-weather report on the importance of embracing and understanding the significance of  Full Moon in Pisces.  In the second part, I have the pleasure of talking with Sharon Ni Chuilibin from Ireland.  Ms Chuilibin shares her insights on the use of dreamwork, music, ritual and other ways to reconnect with one's Soul Essence.  She'll be coming back for two more episodes. As the last sign of the zodiac, in association with the 12th house and the planet Neptune,  this lunation is encouraging and empowering us to listen to our intuitive and wise selves.  We each have, and are the unique "story" revealed in the astrology chart.This Full Moon with a connection to Neptune offers Spiritual and Soul guidance.  This is the time to honor the dreamtime, imagination and that liminal space---the space and place beyond time.   It's the time to release,  let go and be transformed by love,  peace and harmony.Places to Connect:  https://soulsoundinsights.teachable.com/Ruth:  https://www.soulsoundinsights.com/Ruth:  https://www.pianofunplayer.com/Sharon Ni:  www.soulcompass.ieOriginal Music "Call of the Wild" by  M. Ruth McCants
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