64 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

Busy Life Update | November Wedding, Baby L’Amour’s 2nd Birthday (!), Home Improvements, Beauty Shopping

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Products mentioned –

Earthwise x Beauty Heroes LE discovery https://bit.ly/2HAhwdP

Rime Ardokay https://www.rime-arodaky.com

Barnyard Banter https://amzn.to/3ko4MoX

Luft Balloon https://www.luftballoonstore.com

Bake Chicago https://bakechicago.com

Meri Meri https://merimeri.com

Strider balance bike https://bit.ly/3joG9XQ

Toddler helmet https://bit.ly/35tG1Sh

Coco-Mat https://www.coco-mat.com

My Green Mattress https://www.mygreenmattress.com

Obasan https://obasan.com

The Clean Bedroom https://www.thecleanbedroom.com

Essence consult on PNW Essences (LAMOUR for 10% off) https://bit.ly/3okSHn5

Pai Sea Aster + Wild Oat Serum (legacy packaging on sale) https://bit.ly/31u2MEn

Votary Super Seed Serum https://bit.ly/34kqRPB

PNW Essences Lichen and Mosses Aura Mist (LAMOUR for 10% off) https://bit.ly/2ZkWwOo

Kjaer Weis Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation https://bit.ly/34moYSz

Ilia Brow Gel https://bit.ly/37L5DNh

Lepaar Elemental Day Silk https://bit.ly/34kUaS5

NARS Climax Extreme Effects Eyeshadow Palette https://bit.ly/35oOTbN

Fitglow Peach+ corrector https://bit.ly/34jnhFB

Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Bath and Shower Oil https://bit.ly/37BfEwa


To watch –

June Patron Exclusive Video – Wedding Planning https://www.patreon.com/posts/38982235

Henry Brun Trio https://youtu.be/IUX8xHmmhIw

Earthwise Beauty Review | Oils/Oilseums https://youtu.be/uaEShK89PkA


To read –

Super Nutrition for Babies https://amzn.to/37uc0Ep

Nourishing Traditions for Babies https://amzn.to/2Htsjqh

Paleo Patisserie https://amzn.to/2IYqUIT


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