27 minutes | Aug 26, 2021

E47: 6Steps to Ditch Dread & Step into FREEDOM!

Hi Mommas!


Brace yourself.

I am about to tell you about a white Sandy beach, a dangerous Toad, a train, and a few rowdy folks.


This really is my life.


But lets start with this:

Anyone ever feel D-R-E-A-D?

If you are a physician mom in the pandemic, you totally have!

This episode is how to ditch the Dread and replace it with FREEDOM.

You are 6 steps away from dropping the Dread forever.


Secret 1: You can say 'No' to tasks that you don't want to do. The trick is to like your reasons. If you can decline from a place of grace and love, you can prevent guilt, anxiety, and self-doubt after you decline. When you decline, know that you are making someone else soooooooooo happy as they get to step into this new opportunity. Remember that you are gifting yourself a huge packet of FREE TIME. Win-Win-Win.


Secret 2: You can say 'Yes', just remind yourself that you are CHOOSING to do this task for a larger win. Empower yourself. Like your reasons so you can prevent resentment, overwhelm, and frustration after you accept. You are always winning. Win-Win-Win.


There are so many other tips and tricks to moving away from Dread into FREEDOM.

Click below to find out how to ditch Dread and step into Freedom. Today.


Check this out and you just might blow your own mind,








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