37 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

E36_”Everyone Hates Me…No, Really.”: How 2 Wolves Changed Everything

Hi mommas and poppas!


Today’s show is about how to find your most painful core beliefs AND how to thrive with them.

It will blow your mind.

We all have one core belief that comes up multiple times a day x our whole lives.

It is a little different for each person.

You have thought that thought so many times that you may not even recognize it, which can make it difficult to move forward.


Common core beliefs include the following:

Everyone hates me;

They don’t understand me;

I’m not loveable;

They don’t work hard enough;

No one appreciates me;

I don’t have enough money;

I don’t have enough time;

I’ll never be good enough;

She’s toxic;

Life is unfair;

I’ll never get ahead;

I wasted my life.


What is your core painful thought?

Click this episode to learn how to find it and love your way through it to your dream life.

It is really possible to change everything with this episode.

It’s like magic, except it’s totally available for you here and now.

It’s also magic!


Make sure to share with your friends and enemies.


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Until next time, Keep your path in focus,


Christina Arnold, MD



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