42 minutes | Feb 23rd 2020

NNPSP: Tami Burns - We are Human and Not Immune to Making Mistakes

As first responders and caretakers, we fall under some pretty heavy expectations.  But sometimes we fail to realize that we are human and not immune to making mistakes.

In this episode, we sit down with the lovely Tami Burns.  Tami is an experienced R.N. who found herself addicted to pain pills after being prescribed opioids after getting hurt.  Tami tried to get help but wasn't able to get the support she needed in time before things took a turn for the worst.  But, Tami is resilient and found her way back to nursing after treatment and a little help from her nursing peers.

Tami is a spunky and warm person with a true heart of gold who tells us about her life as a helper and is very open, honest, and authentic with her journey.  She finally realized she is not alone, and neither are you.  Please listen to her story with an open mind and compassion.

Thank you Tami for choosing US to help you tell your story!

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