17 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

YNP #064: The Downside of a Fenced-in Yard (Part 2)

I'm back to burst some bubbles (POP!).  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my fenced-in yard just like most dog owners.  But just like with most things that make our lives easier there's a downside.  I'm here to help you minimize them!My goal is to make sure that you and your dog can use your backyard in the best way possible.  And that means there's some training that needs to happen before you just let them loose!This applies if you have a puppy or a full grown dog!In this episode I talk about:Why letting a puppy have the run of the backyard too soon can backfire.How to handle a dog that already has bad habits.How a fenced-in backyard can ruin your recall.How to work on a stronger recall in your backyard. When it's time to let your dog run around unsupervised.Press play and enjoy!Other resources mentioned and related to this episode:YNP #019: The Downside of a Fenced-in Backyard (Part 1)YNP #051: How to Get a Stronger RecallYOUR Perfect Puppy: 4-week online training course for you and your new puppy. The post YNP #064: The Downside of a Fenced-in Yard (Part 2) appeared first on Playtime Paws.
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