19 minutes | May 28, 2021

YNP #063: My 7 Guidelines for Socializing Your Dog

Socializing your dog, especially when they are young, is SUPER DUPER important.  If you have listened to me at all then this is not news to you. You know that you have to expose your dog to many different people, places, environments, sounds, textures, and dogs.  This is what creates a confident, well-adjusted dog that you can take anywhere and not have to worry about them.  BUT we need to do it right.  That is why I developed my 7 guidelines for socializing your dog.  Not only do we want to expose our dog to all these different things and situations but we need to make sure that we create a good association!  In fact, that's exactly where we start with Socialization Guideline #1!In this episode I talk about:Why socialization is important to do at a young age (3-16 weeks!).How to handle a shy dog.How to handle it when things go bad.How you, the human, need to act. How to create a good association.Press play and enjoy!Other resources mentioned and related to this episode:YNP #021: Balancing Vaccines and SocializationYNP Episode: How to Socialize Your Puppy During Social DistancingYOUR Perfect Puppy: 4-week online training course for you and your new puppy. The post YNP #063: My 7 Guidelines for Socializing Your Dog appeared first on Playtime Paws.
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