71 minutes | Jan 6th 2021

Multiple Climax Analysis, Watching Women Self-Pleasure, Keith’s Oral Aversion, Male Nudes

Two women contact us about their experiences with multiple orgasms. Are their experiences real? How many are possible in a session? How does the 10th climax feel? How would Keith handle the situation where a woman insisted on giving him oral? How does he explain his aversion to them?And, is there any way for men to produce nude photos that a woman would actually want to look at? For those wanting to see a redacted version of the letter Keith received that we discussed:https://ymmv.me/24/keith-letter We get a lot of our questions from the Reddit, so for our listeners' enjoyment, here are links to some of the questions we discussed this week: https://ymmv.me/24/most-intense-orgasm https://ymmv.me/24/male-nudes Twitter: @ymmvpod Facebook: ymmvpod Email: ymmvpod@gmail.com
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