72 minutes | Dec 28th 2020

Fake Orgasms, Vaginal Exercise, Sexsomnia, Women's Scent, Older Men, Most Intense Orgasms

Can we tell which orgasms are real and fake in a video? Does the woman announcing indicate anything? Is sexsomnia real or a trick for men to have sex without considering their partners' feelings?And, for folks on Reddit, what is their most intense orgasm story? For those who want to follow along, here are the links to the videos we watched at the beginning of the episode (in order): https://ymmv.me/23/anal-pinky https://ymmv.me/23/orgasm-contractions We get a lot of our questions from the Reddit, so for our listeners' enjoyment, here are links to some of the questions we discussed this week: https://ymmv.me/23/pussy-exercise https://ymmv.me/23/sexsomnia https://ymmv.me/23/scent https://ymmv.me/23/older-men https://ymmv.me/23/most-intense-orgasm Twitter: @ymmvpod Facebook: ymmvpod Email: ymmvpod@gmail.com
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