31 minutes | May 23, 2019

William Shatner, Sushi and Mexican Food

Prolific actor William Shatner is best known for his role as Captain Kirk on Star Trek and "singing" popular songs in his signature spoken word style. But he also has strong opinions about avocado toast, considers himself a sushi connoisseur and loves beautifully made Mexican food. 

So Rachel took a trip to Sushinola, one of the country's few Sinaloa style Mexican sushi restaurants, in Kent, Washington. Rolls are stuffed with carne asada, topped with pico de gallo, drizzled with housemade chipotle sauce and deep fried because co-owner Anayancy Reyes says most Mexicans are decidedly not fans of raw fish. 

And psychology professor Dr Julia Hormes joins the show to share her fascinating research on cravings. Turns out, food cravings are cultural and psychological, not a universal human experience, and Americans are the true kings and queens of cravings. And the whole thing about pregnant women craving crazy combinations like pickles and ice cream? Dr Hormes will set the record straight. 

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