17 minutes | May 5, 2021

How Being Bullied as a Kid Changed My Life

You know how there’s always a kid or two who is picked on in school...HARD? In junior high, I was one of those kids. In this episode you get a front row seat to the Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s latest storytelling showcase, where I paint a detailed picture of that 12 year old me,  and the surprising ways it shaped the rest of my life.If you would like to share your story or perspective on the show, you can reach me at VictoriaSpadaccini@gmail.com or YourExtraordinaryExistence@gmail.com and I’d love to chat. Victoria is a life coach that specializes in helping people break through their limiting beliefs, develop an abundance mindset, and hone in on their authentic personal power so they can really thrive and have the life they desire. She is a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching with a background in Positive Psychology, Applied Psychology, and Energy Leadership and has spoken at many events, taught classes, and facilitated healing groups.Learn more at  www.VictoriaSpadaccini.com
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