64 minutes | Sep 23rd 2020

#059 - Q&A: Visibility - How to make it easy for coaching clients to find you

Welcome to the podcast. I’m Jamie Smart. And in this episode, you’re going to hear a Q&A session I did this week as part of my Thriving Coaches Business Masterclass series.    And the reason I’ve decided to release this as a podcast episode is because the questions gave me an opportunity to really clarify what I see as some of the biggest ‘schoolboy errors’ coaches make, and the most important fundamentals coaches can benefit from when trying to grow a successful practice.   Questions like: 
  • How to create a ‘business profile’ so people understand what it is you offer
  • Should you stick to your guns charging high fees, or lower your prices to make it easier for clients to enrol
  • Questions about cutting through all the ‘noise’ on social media
  • How to break through an ‘earning ceiling’, from someone who had limiting beliefs about how much they could earn
  The cool thing is this: each of these questions gave me an opportunity to point back to the fundamentals of growing a coaching practice, because once you understand the fundamentals, it all becomes a lot easier (and it's all about the fundamentals).   By the way, this Q&A Session is part of my Thriving Coaches Business Masterclass series which is running from now through October 2nd. It’s totally free to join, and it’s all about how to get clients and grow a thriving, abundant coaching practice, so you can make your living doing what you love: making a difference to others.   And here’s the thing: lockdown has meant that countless coaches and therapists have been forced to make the transition to working online, via tools like zoom and skype. At Clarity Academy, we’ve been delivering our coaching and training online for many years, so that’s one of the things we’re teaching you about during this free masterclass series.   The next session is Thursday, September 24th at 6pm UK time, but we’re recording all the sessions, so you can watch everything for free by registering at https://www.jamiesmart.com/business-masterclass.   Now here’s the episode.