8 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

#056 - Tribal Engagement: The Thriving Coaches Scorecard Part 8

Hi, I'm Jamie Smart. Welcome to the podcast. And every day for 10 days I'm reading you a chapter from my book for coaches, therapists and consultants. It's called The Thriving Coaches Scorecard, the 10 multipliers that are either growing or slowing your professional practice.  And this series is sponsored by the Thriving Coaches Business Masterclass, a series of free live training sessions we're launching on September 17th. The focus of this masterclass series is on getting clients, growing your practice and having an impact in your clients' lives, and we're going to be covering the stuff that's most crucial for coaches to learn (especially in these times of uncertainty and volatility) including...
  • Demystifying the whole domain of 'niching'
  • Setting your price
  • Engagement and growing your audience
  • The whole 'visibility' thing
  • Getting clients and making a difference to them
  • The question of 'coaching packages' vs 'hourly' vs 'retainer'
  • The best so-called 'business model' for coaches
  • How to talk about what you do
  • and lots more
So to register for this free masterclass series, go to www.JamieSmart.com/biz. By the way, I've also just launched a free secret coaching business channel. It's a new experiment I'm doing where I'm sharing bite-sized client-creation tips & exclusive free extras for helping you grow your coaching practice. So if that appeals, you can join me there free at www.JamieSmart.com/secret. Now here's the episode...