17 minutes | Mar 1st 2020

4. Chiron in Aries — A Positive View

A Bonus episode. This audio has been adapted from my YouTube video on Chiron from one year ago (February 2019), when Chiron had just moved into Aries. It was originally an impromptu reaction to the online negative narratives about Chiron at the time. (I've added some parts here, and deleted others.)  Chiron has been a special focus of my research for over 30 years. I have found there's more to Chiron, but this is an introduction.
The quality of the sound is noticeably different, but it was a live video. You'll also hear some strange thuddy sort of slapping sounds — I was quite animated at times, and often dropped my hands down on my knees or the cushions! (Lots of the Fire element in my own astrology chart.) I think the information in this episode may help to clear up some misconceptions — Kerrie Redgate

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