79 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Understanding Your Pandora Data With Dan Wissinger and Jay Troop

If you haven’t heard the news, we’ve recently become the first third-party music analytics company to host Pandora data publicly, which includes stream counts, monthly listeners, and station adds for hundreds of thousands of artists. So, we’re especially excited about our guests today: Dan Wissinger and Jay Troop. Dan is currently a Senior Product Manager at Pandora, where he spearheads the Next Big Sound and AMP product teams, and Jay is a Senior Analyst for Next Big Sound and AMP. He’s also responsible for Artist & Industry Insights at Pandora writ large. On this episode, we introduce you to Dan, Jay, and Pandora; explain why Pandora matters to the music industry and to artists’ careers; and give you some strategies for making sense of your Pandora data. Speaking of which, if you’re not familiar with Next Big Sound, it’s the OG in music analytics, so we highly suggest checking it out as soon as you can, and the same goes for AMP, which is an artist’s best friend on Pandora.Connect With Us (@chartmetric)http://chartmetric.com/https://blog.chartmetric.comhttps://smarturl.it/chartmetric_social
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