65 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

Spotify Follower Ratio, Artist Growth & Fan Engagement With Components' Andrew Thompson

On this episode, we chat with Andrew Thompson, Editor and Founder of Components, a media and culture publication focused on data journalism. Originally from California, Andrew received a degree in Political Science and Government from Temple University before moving into journalism. Becoming increasingly interested in data and data science, Andrew eventually became the Data Editor and Audience Development Manager at design software startup Ceros and then the Editorial Director of video streaming search engine Flixed. After a couple of years in New York City, he moved back home to Philly, taking Components from a side project to his full-time endeavor. Since 2018, Components has been covered and/or cited in Mashable, Vice, and more than 70 academic papers, and we were lucky enough to feature some of his research on our blog in an article he wrote called “What Spotify Follower Ratio Tells Us About Artist Growth and Fan Engagement.”Read "What Spotify Follower Ratio Tells Us About Artist Growth and Fan Engagement" here.If you want more free insights, follow our podcast, our blog, and our socials.If you're an artist with a free Chartmetric account, sign up for the artist plan, made exclusively for you, here.If you're new to Chartmetric, follow the URL above after creating a free account here.
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