9 minutes | Jan 8th 2020

Introduction to Your Credit Union Sales Podcast: Why Do We Need to Sell?

So who is SalesCU? SalesCU is a team of credit union advocates who believe that credit unions are the financial model of the future. We are credit union sales experts with decades of experience working directly with members in the branch, over the phone, and online to help members achieve their needs, wants and dreams through sales. We have built credit union sales teams and successfully lead them to peak performance through training, coaching, and meaningful accountability. And now, we have used this experience to help credit unions like yours to improve or finally realize sales success.

In this inaugural episode of Your Credit Union Sales Podcast, I’d like to answer two questions I get quite often. First, why do we need to sell at our credit union and second, how do we go about doing it?

These are valid questions. Selling at a credit union is different, and it should be. After all, credit unions are not-for-profit cooperative financial institutions. Because our customers are also the owners of the credit union, we need to be mindful of that and respect that relationship. This means that we don’t consume those relationships through our sales efforts, we maximize them to create lifetime relationships built on trust.

Often, this perspective will leave some credit union staff and even senior leaders believing that selling has no place in the credit union, that the credit union is there simply to fulfill the financial requests the member makes. This, of course, would be the wrong perspective. Selling is not only good for the credit union, it’s revenue and growth, but it’s also good for the employees and your members.

There are several reasons we should be selling to members. In fact, there are 4 specific reasons which I’d like to share. I hope these 4 reasons for selling set the stage and give you an idea of what we are going to present in this podcast series, and what you can expect in future episodes.

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