39 minutes | Oct 7, 2021

36. Overcoming the “I Can’t Compete” Mindset with Rick Selover

The changes that the automotive repair industry is going through have made it very challenging for a lot of shop owners and technicians. The idea of going up against the big MSO’s (multi-shop operators) is making these business owners consider giving up and selling their shop. However, these are limiting beliefs and small repair shop owners still have some edge over their formidable competitors. This is why instead of having the “I can’t” mentality, it’s important to be in your right mind and transform your thinking to ensure your business’s success. In this episode, join Matt DiFrancesco and Rick Selover, Collision Industry advisor, motivational coach, and host of the Mind Wrench Podcast as they discuss the value of investing in personal development and how it can reshape the way you do your business.   Rick talks about: The book that sparked his obsession with learning more The biggest challenges auto repair business owners are facing What are the opportunities independent shop owners have today Why customer experience is everything College vs.trade school His advice for future generations who want to take over the family business ...and more Connect with Rick Selover https://rickselover.com/ The Mind-Wrench Podcast https://rickselover.com/services/ Collision Mastermind Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/301242130992782 LinkedIn: Rick Selover Connect With Matt DiFrancesco: matt@highliftfin.com (814)201-5855 https://highliftfinancial.com/ LinkedIn: Matt DiFrancesco LinkedIn: High Lift Financial Facebook: High Lift Financial About Our Guest: Rick Selover has been in the automotive repair and collision business for 45 years. He started working as a teenager in a body shop, sweeping floors and helping painters until he became a painter himself.  He has painted everything from electrical boxes to fighter jets.  Eventually, he jumped into the sales side of the business and became a sales manager. As much as he loved what he was doing, Rick knew that he can’t be a painter forever.  So for the past few years, he got into self-development. He then started his own podcast: The Mind-Wrench so he can share his experience and insight on mindset and self-improvement with anyone looking to reach their next-level life. Tune in now to discover how to overcome challenges in the industry and how you can ensure your business’s success by working on your mindset and getting rid of your limiting beliefs. 
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