35 minutes | Jan 27th 2019

Birth, Worth, and Postpartum - Episode 01

Welcome to the premier episode of Your Birth, Your Worth. This is a podcast by Doulas for mothers and mothers to be. In this episode, your hosts, Taylor Davis, a Birth Doula and Darcy Sauers, a Postpartum Doula discuss their reasons for becoming doulas and why they want to help new mothers develop feelings of worthiness. Today, Taylor and Darcy both open up about birthing their first children and why it’s ok to question your delivery provider.

Key Takeaway:  Our birth and postpartum experiences can affect our feelings of worthiness. Our feelings of worthiness affect our birth and postpartum experiences.  You are worthy of a respected, safe, and empowered birth and postpartum period.


  • Worthiness - The quality of deserving respect and attention
  • Birth/pp experiences affect our feelings of worthiness
  • The role of a Birth Doula
  • Midwiife vs. Doula
  • The role of a Postpartum Doula
  • The power of non-judgmental support
  • Darcy and Taylor’s experiences around worthiness and birth/pp
  • Questioning your care provider is ok
  • C-Section affecting your feelings of worth

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